RSQ Investors is the hands-on independent investment division of the Quanteus Group that aims to create value by participating in, or taking over distressed or “Special Situations” companies with substantial turnaround potential. In case of takeover, RSQ Investors takes full operational control after the acquisition during the turnaround phase, after which RSQ Investors progressively hands over the daily management by attracting, retaining and developing talent, stimulating entrepreneurship, actively and with common sense, respecting clients, employees, key stakeholders and the company culture. While RSQ Investors goes after the best people, it will always start by looking for promotion from within as the first source of new leadership talent.

The operational role RSQ Investors plays in its participations is supported by five intertwined companies that also belong to Quanteus Group: (i) QuantIM, providing Transformation Management Officers or TMOs, capable of leading the key business transformation program at company level; (ii) BrightWolves, offering general business transformation capabilities through a team of highly motivated payroll and/or freelance transformation project managers, offering transformation support in the areas of Strategy & Corporate Finance, Organisation Transformation and Business Analytics & Digital Navigation , (iii) The House of Marketing, offering marketing expertise and fundamental business model review capabilities to handle disruptive market changes, (iv) HighMind, offering data driven & AI solutions through a team of data experts, (v) Upthrust, offering digital solutions building and digital expert sourcing support. See or for more information.