About our organisation

The Belgian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (in short “BVA”)  was founded in 1986 as a professional association representing the venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) community in Belgium. BVA members are investment fund managers and professionals who deliver services to the community. All members agree to strictly respect our code of conduct.

The primary goals of the association are:

  • ​​​​​to be the industry’s recognized spokesperson and to be the collective voice towards various authorities, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders;
  • to contribute to the continuous development of business in our industry by promoting the adoption of legislative and/or regulatory developments that facilitate investment activities; to promote a climate of entrepreneurship and lasting added-value creation; and, to stimulate innovation;
  • to collect and analyse socio-economic, financial, legal and fiscal data related to the industry and to provide extensive information to its members, policy makers, academics and other bodies on all relevant topics;​
  • to improve the quality of the operation of the industry; to contribute to the training of qualified managerial groups both in funds and in their portfolio companies; and, to spread an appropriate culture.

Furthermore the BVA fosters active networking amongst members of the BVA and between members of the BVA and third parties. It also ensures contacts with similar associations in Belgium and abroad (Invest Europe, other national Venture Capital Associations).

The BVA Board of Directors

The 2019 BVA Board of Directors consists of:

Jan Alexander, Chairman (PMV)

Pierre Demaerel, Secretary General


Thierry François (Econopolis)

Guy Geldhof (Vesalius Biocapital ARKIV)

Laurence Glautier (Sowalfin)

Jürgen Ingels (SmartFin Capital)

Koen Janssen (Sofinim)

Sophie Manigart (Vlerick Business School)

Raf Moons (BNP Paribas Fortis – Private Equity)

Joëlle Starquit (Sofindev Management)

Tom Van de Voorde (Gimv)

Sabine Vermassen (Capricorn Venture Partners)

The Tax & Legal Committee


The Tax & Legal Committee monitors new and upcoming legislation affecting the VC/PE industry and more in general, makes in depth studies on tax or legal matters relevant for the VC/PE industry. Its aim is to provide information to BVA members on these topics, inter alia by way of workshops and news alerts. Where relevant, the Committee assists the BVA in its active lobbying mission.

Chairpersons of the Tax & Legal Committee are Edmond Bastijns (Gimv) and Sabine Vermassen (Capricorn). Breth Hermans (Contrast) is secretary of the committee.

The other members are:

Representatives of the industry: Pierre Demaerel (BVA), Karine Fabry (SRIW), Françoise Genion (BNP Paribas), Nele Govaert (Ackermans & van Haaren), Rafaël Hulpiau (Verlinvest), Matthias Desimpelaere (PMV), Julie Van Cauwenberghe (Vendis Capital), Katti Van Oosterwyck (Korys), Alexandra Vanhoudenhoven (FPIM/SFPI) and Diane Verhaegen (Cobepa).

Advisers: Bart Bellen (Contrast), Deborah Janssens (Freshfields),  Dries Hommez (Stibbe), Hugues Lamon (PwC), Charles-Antoine Leunen (Linklaters), Isabel Panis (Allen & Overy), Bernard Peeters (Tiberghien), Nick Van Gils (EY) and Matthias Wauters (Eubelius).

The reporting to the Board of Directors is handled by Pierre Demaerel, Secretary General.

The day-to-day management


The daily management is handled by our secretary, Mrs. Hilde Vandermeulen.

You can contact her for further information:

Seat Address:

Havenlaan 86C/419 Avenue du Port
1000 Brussels

+32 3 297 10 21

+32 3 297 10 23


The BVA Essay Award

Each year, the BVA organises the BVA Essay Award, a competition to reward the best Belgian academic research paper about venture capital and private equity. Not just Master papers (including Master after Master) can apply, PhD papers are also eligible. A panel of experienced jury members will judge the essays based on 4 criteria: academic quality, originality of approach, accessibility and practical usability of the subject and finally the relevance of the study for the private equity sector. Applications have to reach us by 31 January at the latest. All other rules can be found here.