Who is BEAMA? – Corporate purpose
BEAMA stands for 'Belgian Asset Managers Association', a non-profit association.

The aim of 'BEAMA VZW' is to represent the ‘Asset Management’ profession, to develop the ‘Asset Management’ activities in Belgium and to improve the image of this association and its members, without jeopardizing the autonomy of its members.

‘Asset Management’ covers, among other things, the promotion, management, distribution and administrative processing of collective investment instruments as well as the institutional management, the management on behalf of private customers and investment advice.

Functioning of BEAMA: activities
For the purpose of achieving the aim mentioned above, the Association can:

  • represent its members at any time and defend their common professional interests vis-à-vis the public authorities and the competent institutions at the Belgian, foreign or supranational institutions,
  • defend and promote the Brussels financial center, under those terms of reference,
  • act proactively towards the Belgian public authorities and/or the European or supranational institutions, under those terms of reference,
  • follow up the preparations for the drafting of laws, regulations and decrees on Asset Management in Belgium, at the Belgian, European and international level, under those terms of reference, as well as study the consequences of the enforcement of those laws, regulations and decrees,
  • provide its members with information, advice and explanation as well as offer training programmes dealing with any matter pertaining to Asset Management in Belgium; in this, the Association will make an outline of the following asset management Business Lines: collective investment undertakings, institutional investors and private customers,
  • promote the communication between its members as well as between its members and all stakeholders in and outside Belgium,
  • promote and defend the common professional interests of its members and the Belgian financial sector in general, among other things within the framework of proceedings with any administrative authority or court,
  • take part in debates and panels which concern the interests of its members or the objectives mentioned above from a professional, political, social and educational point of view.

The “BEAMA VZW” association is a constituent association of “Febelfin VZW”, the Belgian Financial Sector Federation. See:

As for its representation at the European level, 'BEAMA VZW' is also a member of EFAMA – the European Fund and Asset Management Association. See:

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