A venture Capital fund active in Charleroi/Thuin area, created in 1985, following economical and social problems in the steel sector.
o   Its capital is actually owned 40/60 by Walloon Region and private enterprises.
o   Its funding comes from several sources, mainly from Walloon region and Europe.
o   Its aim is to promote regional economic activity and employment creation.

Over the years, SAMBRINVEST extended the scope of its activities in relation with regional policy and economic changes. For example, in the first years after its creation, SAMBRINVEST target was industry. Now, SAMBRINVEST is present in all sectors, and also in new sectors, like Itech and biotechnology.

A locally-based partner tool
o   Close to specific entrepreneur needs
o   Partnership with entrepreneur in their relationship with financial institutions
o   Tailor-made solutions for each application
o   Flexible and dynamic approach

At operational level, SAMBRINVEST:
o   Consist of a 10 people team
o   With financial sources of more than 100 M€
o   A portfolio of 200 companies
o   60 decisions every year

Which funding?
o   Equity, long or short term loans, convertible or exchangeable bonds, leasing,
o   Financing investment, innovation and working capital

At every enterprise development stage
o   Start-up: Starters or Spin-off / Spin-Out
o   Development:

o   Transmissions