Robur Capital

Founded in January 2016 by four experienced and passionate entrepreneurs, Robur Capital provides growth capital to mature, profitable small and medium-sized businesses. We also finance management buy-outs, acquisitions and transfers. Integrity, social responsibility and a constant striving for excellence are values we hold dear and which we look for in all of the companies in which we invest. In order to deliver sustainable value creation, not only do we provide the financing, we also offer hands-on operational support where necessary.


Address: Bedrijvencentrum Roeselare, Industrieweg 45, 8800 Roeselare

Telephone: +32 51 240 600




Types of financing: minority and majority stakes

Investment criteria: cultural fit, EBITDA between EUR 0.5m and 2m, operating in strong markets, exit options agreed in advance

Preferred industries:  all except biotech or high-tech

Geographic preferences: Belgium, neighbouring countries if appropriate