CREAFUND Asset Management is an industrial holding company, incorporated in November 2001, that focusses on growth-financing of mature companies (in the capacity of management, organization, financials,…) representing an innovating product and/or active in sectors that can give opportunities for consolidation as well as on  MBO/MBI-operations. Since 2001 Creafund has invested in 19 companies, of which 13 remain in portfolio today, the others having been sold.


Address: Kapitein Maenhoutstraat 77B, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
Telephone: 32-9-272.62.00
Fax: 32-9-272.62.09


Investment criteria:

form :  shares or share related instruments
interest :  majority stake; minority stake is possible as well
duration :  as in investment company, Creafund invests for the longer term
amount :  at least 2mio € own equity.
region :  focuss on Belgium, other regions not excluded (300km around Brussels)
maturity : proven market penetration and relevant financials (no start-up, no early-stage)