Ackermans & van Haaren acquires a 60% par-ticipation in Biolectric next to founder and CEO Philippe Jans

Biolectric (, founded in 2011, is market leader in the segment of the production and sale of compact biogas installations (< 100kW) for livestock and pig farms and water treatment plants.

Thanks to the technique of anaerobic digestion, the methane gas from manure is converted into energy (electricity and heat) and prevents the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

So far, Biolectric has installed more than 200 units in 10 countries, including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, Italy and Sweden. The installation of a unit takes on average 2 to 3 days.

Biolectric aims to reach a turnover of 10 million euros in 2019 and has ambitious plans to accelerate the roll-out of its installations in various member states of the European Union. Biolectric recently concluded a framework agreement with the Dutch Friesland Campina group which should enable it to further develop the Dutch market potential.

The annual production has fluctuated around 50 units in recent years. With the support of AvH, production will be accelerated to 250 units per year.

In the framework of this transaction, the investment fund Taste Invest of the Westerlund family sells its participation in Biolectric. Taste Invest was founded in 2011, shortly after the sale of Westerlund Group, a port company specialized in the storage and distribution of forest products.

Philippe Jans, CEO of Biolectric: “With AvH at our side, we have opted for a long-term partner that believes in sustainable value creation. In recent years, we worked hard on a reliable and technologically state of the art product, we became very cost competitive and, at the same time, contributed to a more livable world. Our technology can substantially reduce the ecological footprint of dairy products. This transaction allows us to start the next phase of our growth story with great confidence.”

Jan Suykens, CEO of AvH, adds: “Biolectric’s activity contributes to a climate efficient agricultural production and fits perfectly within our mission “Partners for Sustainable Growth”. Global livestock is responsible for approx. 10 percent of all greenhouse gases. A solution for the emission of methane gas, to which Biolectric can make a significant contribution, will therefore have a huge impact on the control of global warming. An average Belgian farm can save 120 tonnes of CO2 equivalents in methane emissions by installing one digester. The avoided emissions from one farm correspond to the annual emissions of 70 cars. In other words, Biolectric’s solution creates a win-win situation for agriculture, the environment and the climate.”

“Our fund invests in start-ups in a variety of sectors and Biolectric was our first important participation at the time”, concludes Philip De Mulder of Taste Invest. “We are very satisfied about the cooperation with Philippe Jans and the added value we realised together with his team at Biolectric. For the next growth phase, we are proud to hand on the torch to AvH, a very important diversified group from Antwerp.”

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