Jean-Pierre Di Bartolomeo

Jean-Pierre Di Bartolomeo is chairman of the Board of Directors of SOWALFIN, BVA Board Member since 2005 and BVA Chairman during 2013-2014. His activities on behalf of the Walloon Government (e.a. he is in charge of the Guarantee Fund for the Walloon Region) contribute to his expertise in the field of SMEs’ financing solutions. Mr. Di Bartolomeo’s professional background includes management and financial consulting (DELOITTE & TOUCH – PRICE WATERHOUSE COOPERS), loan activities at the FWPMI (SRIW Group), creation and management of the SIAW (loans to SMEs in the Agricultural-and-Food Industry), management of holding companies at the SOCIETE EUROPEENNE DE BANQUE (COMIT Group, Luxembourg). Mr. Di Bartolomeo graduated from the University of Li├Ęge (Finance) and holds a Master Degree in SMEs’ financing (DURHAM UNIVERSITY Business School, UK).